Franschhoek Western Cape

Franschhoek Western Cape

French Huguenots founded Franschhoek in 1688 and began the first production of wine in the area. Franchhoek Western Cape for more than 300 years, the wine French winemakers have been producing here has helped the area be dubbed the wine capital of South Africa. Located just 45 minutes from Cape Town, this destination is one that can give you the true wine experience without the need to travel all the way to the vineyards of France. Franschhoek itself means French Corner and while it has become more influenced by Dutch traditions over the years, it still holds true to its French roots.

On July 14 each year, the village celebrates Bastille Day and decks the city out with French flair. This is carried over into the names of the wineries in the area as well. Some of the most famous, La Provence, Cabriere and La Motte, are celebrated in the area and continue to produce quality wines. The most expensive and renowned in the area, Vignerons de Franschhoek produces wine French winemakers around the globe are proud to call one of their own. In fact, in this area alone, you will find 30 unique wine cellars that offer a unique experience to visitors.

              Franschhoek Western Cape

When it comes to the local wine French tradition continues to be a point of focus. However, since Champagne cannot be produced in areas outside of France, those in Franschhoek produce Cap Classique, which is a sparkling wine done in the French style. The technique used comes from Achim von Armin, a winemaker from Haute Cabriere. This sparkling wine is so popular, every December this location holds a Champagne and Cap Classique Festival to celebrate these important wines.

While it is the wine French residents celebrate, this isn’t the only thing to do when visiting the area. Art is equally important and plenty of galleries line the main streets in addition to exquisite restaurants and antique shops full of history. Speaking of restaurants, looking over the top 100 in the country, you will find eight of the best are found in Franschhoek. You can head on out into the great outdoors to experience the many wine routes, walking trails and the surrounding mountain ranges as you explore all this beautiful area has to offer. This is one of the reasons so many people from around the world come here to experience the unique wonder that is Franschhoek Western Cape.

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