Fish River Canyon Namibia

The Fish River Canyon Namibia, is the second largest canyon in the world.

Hiking the canyon--even navigating it is a challenging experience at best. In the farthest southerly corner of Namibia, the Canyon is described as one of the most beautiful places in the world. The canyon is more than 550 meters deep, 27 kilometers wide and 160 KM long. inside the canyon lies a trail that is about 85 kilometers long and will allow you to envision and to traverse more than a billion years of history.

The Canyon is accessible for just a few months a year. From May to September you can comfortably and safely hike the canyon. During the remainder of the year, the temperatures soar to a level that makes it unbearable and unsafe to enter.

The legends about the canyon, which snakes around the countryside, are that it was created by a dragon's tail as it whipped back and forth across the countryside. If you stand at the top of the trail, about twelve kilometers from the Hobas campsite, you'll be able to see the reason for the myth. The twists and bends in the canyon are tortuous in nature, with the half mile or so descent into the canyon taking more than two hours. It is said to be the hardest part of the trip. It is best traveled when the sun is low and the heat of the main part of the day is gone. When you are at the bottom, travelers are advised to camp or to sit on the large sandbanks that are there and to give themselves a good rest for the coming day's hiking.

                        Fish River Canyon Namibia

The trip through the canyon is 13 kilometers and takes in the upper canyon where you will find

startling and dramatic views of the canyon below. The walls are nearly vertical, dispalyaing outstanding rock formations that have taken billions of years to display. You'll find a foot bath waiting for you below in the Palm Springs sulphur pool where you can rest and get ready for the remainder of your trip. Your trip through the Canyon may take as much as 3 days, depending on how you plan it. It is probably not doable in one day and two may be pushing it. The Namibian trip is available as a guided tour, but taking the trek on your own is usually not recommended.

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