Etosha National Park Namibia

                                           Etosha National Park Namibia

Located in Southern Africa,

The National Park is considered to be an elite game reserve. Estabilished as a National Park in 1907, the reserve covers 22,270 square kilometers of land. The meaning of Etosha is Great White Place, which stems from the considerable mineral pan that is believed to have been formed 1,000 Million years ago. In fact, about 25% of the National Park resides on this land. It is estimated that there are 114 species of mammals, 110 reptile species, 340 types of birds, 16 different types of amphibians and  species found in the area. When the rains come in, flamingos, wildlife and wading birds will flock to the area.

Those planning to visit the park will want to do so from May until September. These are the coolest months of the year in Namibia and that makes it an exceptional time for you to see some of the best wildlife the most common being bucks, giraffe, rhino, lions and elephants.

                     Etosha National Park Namibia

Visiting the area, you’ll have the ability to choose from three rest camps. They are Halai Camp, Namutoni Camp and the Okaukueio Camp. These locations have shops, restaurants and other facilities that will make your stay in the National Park more relaxing.

Two additional camps Dolomite Camp and Olifantsrus Camp that are restricted at times and located on the western portion of the park. Since most guests are not comfortable spending time in the park itself, there are lodges that are just outside the boundaries of the park. This allows for better accommodations for those that need it and the level of service is higher. Most of these facilities will provide their visitors with private wildlife tours so that they can see the area, without having to arrange things on their own.

While spending time in the park, you’ll experience different types of vegetation. The most commonly found species is the mopane which is a type of tree. However, in the southern parts of the National Park, you’ll find more woodlands that are full of African Moringa, Red Bushwillow, Kudubusch and Koedoebes. Hours for the park are only from sunrise to sunset. After this time, you have to be at a campsite or back in your room, because of the predators that roam the area at night. The exception is for those who are staying at the Dolomite camp where visitors are allowed to arrive later. Overall, the National Park is a location that showcases the best of Africa and all the natural beauty it contains.

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