Epupa Falls Namibia

Epupa Falls Namibia

If you are traveling to Namibia, Epupa Falls is a must-do. The falls, in close proximity to the Epupa village, are situated on the Kunene River, which serves as a border between Namibia and Angola.

The drive is long, but alluring. Visitors are mesmerized by pristine nature at her finest. Wild fig trees, majestic Baobabs, makalani palms and colored rock walls are just a small part of the eye-candy.

Epupa, in the native Herero tongue, translates to 'spume created by falling water'. The falls are a succession of cascades, which plummet 60 meters, for an expanse of around 1.5 kilometers. Because the falls occur in the midst of a barren region they border on the mystical.

Be certain to do sundowners (African tradition of cocktails at sundown) on sundown hill while you are there. White plumes of water juxtaposing with the red sand carpet and colors of sunset, against a backdrop of mountains is incredibly beautiful.

You'll delight at the exceptional accommodations. Choose a comfortable chalet or camp on the banks of the Kunene.

Fun excursions abound.

                         Epupa Falls Namibia

Bird Watching is available by guided boat tours and guided or self-directed hiking. About 240 species of indigenous birds have been documented in the area. It's worthwhile to take the boat tour, as your guide can point out species such as: African fish eagle, African paradise-flycatcher, Cinderella waxbill, bee-eaters and more. If you're lucky you'll catch a glimpse of the rare rufus-tailed palm thrush.

Hiking to Epupa Falls will avail you of the best photo-ops. You may sight rose quartz crystals. Euphorbia bushes are plentiful. The plant contains a poisonous, latex substance, which the Himba tribe commonly uses for hunting.

Watch for Himbas washing their clothing and splashing each other in the Kunene River. If you wish to learn about these captivating people and their roving lifestyle, take a guided tour to a nearby Himba village.

Greeting these beautiful people could be your once in a lifetime opportunity to experience True Africa. Himba tribes represent the nomadic lifestyle of their African ancestors, who have followed rain cycles since time immemorial.

You will hear the story of holy oxen and the sacred fire. You'll visit the Himba gravesite. Be sure to take your camera to record this day out of time.

Walking - The Corkwood Walk is botanical nirvana. Act as your own guide and walk at your own pace. Make frequent stops to admire the gorgeous plants, which are endemic to the area.

Rafting – Adrenaline junkies in your group will go ga-ga for rafting on the Kunene, the fastest-flowing river in Namibia.

Africa's natural beauty may beckon you, but it's her warm, welcoming people that invite you to stay. Stay forever!

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