East London South Africa

East London South Africa

East London is situated on the glistening southeast shores of the coast in South Africa. It is a part of the province known as the “Eastern Cape”. This city is part of the region known as the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality. In fact, most of the locals refer to East London as “Buffalo City”. To the north of the city is the shimmering Nahoon River, and south to the city you will find the Buffalo River. Due to its geological location to these bodies of water East London is considered to be the only river port located throughout the Southern Africa

The shores of this tantalizing city beam with the warm waves of the Indian Ocean. That, combined with its amazing sub-tropical climate, makes East London a highly popular destination for locals and tourists from far and wide! . When visiting this city, you will be fascinated with the mesmerizing beauty and appeal that it has to offer. Additionally, the people that live, work, and play in this region are known for their high level of genuine hospitality.

The residents in the area are considered to be extremely laid back. Everyone in East London places a special emphasis on catering to the needs and desires of the tourists to the area. While there are limits to the amount of hotels that are situated throughout the city, each offers a tremendous amount of service and a high level of cordiality.

              East London South Africa

If you would like to experience one of the most popular regions of the city, you should make a point to visit the coastline area referred to as the “Sunshine Coast”. This area has many miles of pristine beaches that are void of the crowds seen on the beaches in other nearby locations.

This is a significant location, as far as history is concerned. Here, the Bushman tribe once settled; however, when the white settlers came to the region, they actually pushed this tribe out of the area. Here, the absolute oldest fossil-based footprints of man have been found. The oldest was approximately 200,000 years old! If you have a passion for beauty, are mesmerized by the mystique  of the ocean, and enjoy learning about history, you will love this area!

When it comes to the economy of the city, it is dependent upon the automobile plant,Daimler Chrysler. This industry not only produces for the region, but, also manufacturers forAustralia, England, and Japan. Despite being considered one of the most economically challenged of all areas in the Southern Africa East London is quickly advancing financially.

This is made possible by the increased growth of tourism in the area, as well as the assistance that is currently being offered by the local government. By visiting this culturally-diverse region, you will not only be introducedto a new way of life and new people, you will be increasing their livelihood!

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