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Durban Tourism takes a Spike!

Somebody let the cat out of the bag! In decades past, Durban was one of South Africa's best kept secretsSo, why did Durban tourism spike a whopping 12.8% in 2014? A big factor was the municipality's aggressive marketing campaign. Co-partnering with National Geographic, mDurban was positioned as a "must-visit" destination for tourists.

During 2013-14, the proactive stance, which included documentaries, print ads and TV, caught the attention of 497 million people. According to Durban, plans are in progress for National Geographic Society to implement a 3-year global marketing package, including far-reaching features in Traveler magazine.

Topics such as heritage and culture, local cuisine, sports and lifestyle will be highlighted. Year-end statistics for 2014 reflected 7.4 million visitors, which evidenced a smooth 20% average growth, or an additional 400,000 tourists when compared with 2013. The numbers show no signs of weakening, as Durban tourism reported 1.45 million visitors from December 1, 2014 to mid-January in 2015.

Accolades keep pouring in due to the city's advertorial emphasis on"Taking Durban to the World"Durban nabbed #7 on the New York Times list of "52 Places to go in 2015". December 7, 2014, Durban was designated one of the New7Wonders Cities.

 By Sunday Times Staff Reporter, Reuters, 2016-02-23

For the second year in a row Durban was ranked higher than Johannesburg and Cape Town when it came to offering a 'high quality of life', according to a survey of world cities compiled by consulting firm Mercer.

The survey of 230 cities helps companies and organisations determine compensation and hardship allowances for international staff. It uses dozens of criteria such as political stability, health care, education, crime, recreation and transport.

Durban led the pack in South Africa, ranking 85, followed by Cape Town at 92 and Johannesburg at 95.Vienna, Austria's grand capital on the Danube river, offers the highest quality of life of all cities in the world, while the Iraqi capital Baghdad, once more, took its place at the bottom of the list.

Vienna's 1.7 million inhabitants benefit from the city's cafe culture and museums, theatres and operas. Rents and public transport costs in the city whose architecture is marked by its past as the centre of the Habsburg empire are cheap compared with other western capitals.

Switzerland's Zurich, New Zealand's Auckland, Germany's Munich and Canada's Vancouver followed Vienna - which reached the best position for the seventh time in a row - in the top five of most pleasant cities to live in.

Baghdad was again ranked lowest in the world. Waves of sectarian violence have swept through the city since the American-led invasion in 2003.

                 Durban Tourism

INDABA Again in May 2017 INDABA See ANNUAL Events & Dates Click

Link KwaZulu Natal Events | Durban and KwaZulu Natal Annual ...

Durban hosted two major events in 2015: May 10-11 - INDABA,

which is among the leading global tourism marketing conventions; September 19-22 –

World Routes Event where reps from airports and airlines and echelons

of global tourism brainstorm international air services.

Note: If your travel plans coincide with either of the above dates, make your Durban accommodations

well in advance! Then Explore the AMAZING Kwazulu!

Perhaps Durban's biggest claim to fame is its Golden Mile - nearly four-miles of beaches

dotted with surfers, cyclists, sun-worshipers and Zulus pulling rickshaws.

Durban is also dubbed "Surf City" due to its hollow beach-breaks and clean swell.

Since according to the city's slogan, Durban is "the warmest place to be", surfers aren't obliged

to dress in wetsuits. Shaun Thomson, "one of the 10 greatest surfers of all time" was born

and raised in Durban.

Awesome adventures wait just around every corner.

There's dolphin gazing, cage-diving with sharks, mountain biking, jet skiing,

deep sea fishing, free-flight bird shows, strolling in botanic gardens, wild life tours,

a marine theme park and a thrilling SkyCar ride, culminating with a panoramic view of Durban.

Note: While in Durban, you totally must-try bunny chow!

The "bunny" is ingenuous street food prepared from a loaf of white bread, sans the middle.

Chicken, mutton or vegetarian curry is poured into the hollow middle.

Not only is bunny chow a 5-napkin dish, have ice water or beer

at hand to put out the fire in your mouth.

Our Verdict: If you're planning your travel itinerary to South Africa,

Durban is the happening spot!

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