Durban July Handicap

Everything You Need to Know about the Durban July Handicap

If you’re into horse racing, July would be the best month to visit South Africa’s Durban. This is when the annual "Durban July" takes place every single year.

"Durban July" An Overview Vodacom link below This is the most prominent South African thoroughbred horse race that occurs on an annual basis. The race took place for the first time in 1897 and ever since, it’s become an important tradition. "Durban July" takes place at Greyville Racecourse. Ever since the very first race, the distance has been modified multiple times. Originally, it was one mile. Today, the race distance is 2,200 meters or 1.4 miles. The event occurs on the first Saturday of July. Durban Horse Race is so popular that it usually brings together approximately 60,000 fans of Horse Racing.

Apart from being a premier race event, "Durban July" is famous for various other reasons. It’s a prominent fashion display and there are usually a range of entertainment options available The Durban July typically has an after party that occurs after the end of the race day. Depending on the edition, there could either by an official after party that is announced by the organizers or several unofficial parties held at different locations. Facebook and other social media feature a lot of information about the Durban nightlife during the month of July and the events inspired by the "Durban July"

                                   Durban July Handicap

Tips for Attending Durban July Handicap

A lot of information about the event is available on its official website Vodacom Durban July If you’re interested in betting, you’ll get the full scoop about when and how to bet. 1Some people prefer to place a bet during their visit to South Africa. It’s also possible to bet on the horses online there are multiple agents that enable the option. If you’re interested, make sure that you’ve picked a legitimate opportunity. Remember that betting is illegal for individuals under the age of 18. The rule holds true for the Durban July.

When it comes to the fashion, keep in mind that there’s usually an annual theme that would be announced in advance In 2016, the theme was Leader of the Pack. Once again, the details and the recommendations when it comes to dressing u are announced via the event’s official website. mIf you plan to visit Durban during July and enjoy the race, keep in mind that many others would be doing the same. Booking accommodation way in advance is a good idea. July is a popular tourism month and it may be difficult to find cost-efficient accommodation in the last minute.

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