Countries of Southern Africa

Five Southern African countries as per United Nations UN!

Botswana - Lesotho - Namibia - South Africa -Swaziland.  Countries bordering on Southern Africa are: Mozambique Zambia and Zimbabwe.  You will see what I have done here is to give holiday ideas for each country so you can see which of the countries and holidays appeal to you the most!

                               Countries of Southern Africa 

This way you can add to what you have already in mind and pick the country and region you really want to experience your African Wildlife Adventure inEvery country is unique and which ever one you choose it will have something exciting for you to explore and enjoy! I have added links below of maps so you can get an overall picture of this vast and beautiful area. BOTSWANA is made up of the Kalahari Desert 82% of the country also the famous Chobe Game Reserves both North and South. North Chobe has masses of Elephants )See Nicola Sheppard's video below)Northern Chobe up to 60 to 70 thousand at certain times of year and so much more!


The Kingdom of Lesotho a very popular tourist attraction. You can go Hiking with many choices and Pony Trekking (very popular)! Festivals 4th October "Independence Day" and on March 4th Moshoeshoe Day celebrating the life of the founding fathers in Maseru!


Take a look at Link "Namibia Tourism" for a complete overview of what to expect!


Look at the different links which include Kruger Park, Capetown, Garden Route, Kwazulu Game Reseves, Kalahari Safaris and more


The other Kingdom with all it's traditions and Safaris Hiking Golf Five Star Hotels Casinos and more!

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South Africa

Lesotho Mountain Kingdom


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