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Welcome to this "Help You" page Thanks for visiting a place you get answers and is a part this Travel Site of the www.exotic-southern-africa.com network. We work hard with hopes of providing you the best online resource. If you’ve got anything on your mind regarding this site I would appreciate  hearing from you! Every question and comment and suggestion really helps contribute  and make this a little be better site! if you have any questions you’d like to ask or feedback you’d like to give, or, if you just want to say “Hello”, please do so via the form below.

Your feedback will be gratefully received as it contributes to helping me improve and make this a site you and all your friends will get your questions answered and where I will publish YOUR Stories with your photos! You will have your very own page and bring back many exciting, surprising and enjoyable times! Who knows may be a "Close Encounter or two"?!

Southern Africa has such a variety of choices to suit just about everyone who has an "African Dream"! This is the place to get your questions answered and have your stories published for all to see!

To submit your stories you will find a form at the bottom of certain pages 1) is by clicking on "Kruger Park South Africa" Page and scrolling down ti bottom! Here you will see space to write ALL about "Your Exciting Moments" PLUS add your pictures as well I am sure many of your family and friends would love to hear and get ideas when planning their own Safari!

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Southern Africa has holidays to suit every budget as you will find out as you explore this Site! All questions are welcomed so we can know exactly information you the reader are looking for to make planning easier and more convenient! Creating the BEST site I can create needs all "Feed Back" about each and UNIQUE stories! everyone's

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