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Citrusdal is located about 100 miles north of Cape Town. It is a bustling rural town set among thriving citrus orchards. It is not far from Namibia on N7. This town and its surrounding areas contain multiple points of interest that tourists should not miss. These various locations will exhibit the true beauty of the countryside and hospitality of the citizens.

Wolfkop Nature Reserve

Wolfkop Nature Reserve is situated in the foothills of Cederberg. It offers cottages for lodging. A visitor can view tortoises, porcupines, duikers and other wildlife early in the morning. However, animals are not the only items visitors should not miss at the reserve. They should also view the flowers in bloom during the right time of the year. Daisies and wildflowers flourish during the late summer months. Mountain biking will take a tourist through magnificent scenery.

Fishing is also an option for those who love the sport. The San Bushman paintings are ideal examples ancient cave art for this part of the world. Call for more information at +27 83 2605071.

                           Citrusdal Western Cape


Citrusdal Museum

Citrusdal Museum teaches visitors about the area’s early settlers along with the first of the San inhabitants. It shows the history and life of the early pioneers and the Khoisan. A visitor will find utensils and tools utilized by Bushmen as part of the offerings of the museum. This museum is inside a quaint stone building that is the original church for this small hamlet. Exhibitions on Khoisan and pioneer days also are housed in the museum. Signs point the way from Citrusdal to this museum. Contact information office 022 – 9213210. Baths Hot Springs Resort Bath Hot Springs Resort is only 18km from downtown Citrusdal. Natural hot springs are the highlight of the stay here along with the rural, scenic charm Various types of accommodations are available including camping and caravan sites. Other features include hiking trials, spa baths, a shop and restaurant. For reservations, call 022 921 8026/7. 4x4 Marcuskraal Chalet and Camp Site Marcuskraal is only 20km from the city of Citrusdal and is not far from N7.

It only takes 2 hours to arrive at this venue from Cape Town by vehicle. The trails designed for 4x4s allow for travel though the mountain fynbos to uncover the magnificent scenery of the Cederberg Mountains in their rugged splendor. 4x4 enthusiasts will experience steep rocky inclines, loose rock and thick sand terrain for just three examples of adventurous conditions. The shaded campsites provide terraces covered in lawn and electrical hookups. In addition, the campers will have clean bathrooms available. Campers will delight in the swimming pool during the heat of the day. Call 022 921 3540 for further information. These are just some of the places to experience in Citrusdal Western Cape.Plan your trip today!

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