Cederberg Western Cape

Cederberg Western Cape

Planning on a trip to a place where Nature is at her best? It is time to pack your bags and go to the Cederberg Western Cape. The Cape is just a two-hour drive from Cape Town. It is warmer, wilder, and more dramatic with its majestic mountains, fragrant citrus orchards, and beautiful sunsets. There is no place in South Africa teeming with more natural beauty.  You can enjoy Cederberg by simply walking in the mountains. You can also go climbing and bouldering in the Rocklands. To cool down, swim in the crystal clear rock pools. The Cape also gives you the opportunity to look at the Bushman rock art.

Your love of plants will be awakened by the diverse collection of plants in the area. Cederberg is, after all, an important part of the Cape Floral Kingdom of South Africa. Take advantage of the opportunity to see the cultivation of the world-renowned rooibos tea, which is found only in Cederberg.

                     Cederberg Western Cape

The Flowers of Cederberg

Some of the finest wild flowers are found in Cederberg. The Cape has the biggest variety of flower species, found nowhere else. The topography contributes greatly to this phenomenon. The land goes through the Oliphants River, then to the Sandveld, and finally to Lambert’s Bay. The irrigation and the quality of the soil are just what the blossoms need to thrive.

Just drive through the best flowery areas or take a tour. Either way, you can enjoy the flowers that fill Cederberg. The Wilderness Cederberg has a mountain range that is 100 km long. It is famous for its jagged sandstone, intensely colored deep orange by the iron oxide deposits. The range also has Bushmen rock art and unique rock formations. The land that surrounds the Cape is conserved (Nardouwsberg conservancy, Cederberg conservancy, and Pakhuis conservancy). Its mountains are among the most undisturbed in the whole of South Africa.


The clean air and the craggy peaks of Cederberg are just what the rooibos plant need to grow and proliferate. The rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) is a health-enhancing plant made into tea that is soothing and refreshing. The plant contains minerals and antioxidants that help fight off free radicals and stress in your body. It helps regulate cholesterol and blood pressure levels. It helps relieve tension, correct sleeping patterns, eliminate headaches, and decrease allergy effects. Drinking rooibos tea also lowers your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and oxidative damage. You can also use the rooibos plant for cooking. Its flavor is known to transform dishes dramatically. You can be sure that every cup of rooibos is kilojoule-, caffeine-, and colorant-free. Rooibos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Cederberg Western Cape is truly a treasure to visit. It is an experience for anyone to wallow in its natural beauty at any given time of the year.

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