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Car Rental Namibia – Useful Tips for First-Time Visitors

Want to explore Namibia on your own? Renting a car will be essential for conquering this large African country and exploring all of its numerous facets. Car rental opportunities exist but you need to examine those carefully before picking one option or another. Rental Overview The first thing you need to keep in mind is that most of the country’s car rental companies are based in Windhoek.

Asking for the car to be brought to any other location in Namibia will result in a delivery fe that will increase the price of rental. If you’re visiting Namibia in the period between July and December, you’ll need to prebook the vehicle.

This is the time of the year during which Namibia is visited by the biggest number of tourists. The most reputable car rental companies are quite busy during the period, which is why booking in advance will make a lot of sense.

                                  Car Rental Namibia

Costs and Deposits
Traveling in a car through Namibia means that you’ll be covering large distances. The most budget-friendly car rental Namibia possibility will involve unlimited mileage. Though such packages tend to be more expensive, they make sense for individuals that plan to do a lot of traveling. Most companies will ask for a refundable fuel deposit, which is a standard procedure. There will also be a rental excess deposit that constitutes your maximum liability in the case of an accident or automobile damage.

Choose the Right Car
Most of Namibia’s tourist attractions are readily accessible. A standard two-wheel drive car will do an excellent job and guarantee your comfort throughout the journey. Pick a car that has air conditioning. You should also talk to a car rental company representative about the inclusion of two spare tires in the package.

If you’re eager to cross the desert dunes and visit some of the more isolated places in the country, however, you’ll require a tougher vehicle. A 4x4 vehicle will enable you to access some mof the more remote locations in the country like the Skeleton Coast, Damaraland and the Namib desert. Talk to a representative of the car rental company that you pick, about the selection of the vehicle .\ Telling that professional a bit more about the destinations you want to visit will simplify the process of picking a practical and comfortable car for your Namibia trip. Finally, remember to follow the local regulations. Don’t exceed the maximum speed limit of 37 miles per hour and be prepared for long journeys. Plan a few stops in advance to have fun and relax while traveling.

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