Capital of Botswana

The Capital of Botswana – Gaborone

Nestled in the heart of the region of Southern Africa is the Capital of Botswana – Gaborone. This region of Africa consists of vast arrays of beautifully-colored savannas. While very few eccentric fauna or flora exists in the area. It hosts a wide variety of mammals and birds, which are considered to be exceptionally charismatic. The Capital is considered to be small, but is highlighted as the largest city in the area. In traveling to Gaborone, you will discover government-based ministries, shopping venues, and a wide urban-based collection of neighborhoods, which are identified among the locals as “Phases”. In many instances, the locals refer to these neighborhoods as “Extensions”. In addition to being nestled against a natural backdrop that will enhance the senses, In total the population consists of 250,000 individuals. The Capital is located in a captivating valley, which is located on the immensely popular Notwane River. Gaborone is located in the Southeast region of Botswana and situated quite closely to the Border of South Africa.

The name of the Capital was derived from Chief Kgosi Gaborone. This historical figure is known for leading the Batlokwa tribe into the region during the 1880s. When Botswana gained independence in the year of 1966, Gaborone was named as its capital.

                                          Capital of Botswana

The Capital is considered to be an affluent city. While visiting it, travelers will discover many different shopping malls, high profile restaurants, an assortment of adult nightclubs, a variety of top-notch hotels, and even  a post secondary educational facility. Individuals that travel to this city describe it as being lively, vibrant, or historical; however, it is described as a clean, comfortable, relaxing, and safe destination. This is, perhaps, why the series by Alexander McCall, “The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency” was inspired by and set in Gaborone. In this series, the Capital is the home to the lead lady, the ever-popular Precious Ramotswe.

To access this city, most individuals fly in to the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport, which is located just 9 short miles out of Gaborone. Buses from Johannesburg and Pretoria are also available from the Intercape Mainliner. You can also Fly from Johannesburg DIRECTLY to Gaberone with Air Botswana and other Airlines! Numerous languages are spoken within the region, including: Setswana, Kalanga, Kgalagadi,and English.

 The climate of the region is identified as being hot and semi-arid. This means that it experiences relatively hot summers and many sunny days. The nights are most often cooler. in the winter months, but,it still warm during the day time hours. If you want to experience the beauty and appeal of Africa, you should plan a visit to the Capital Gaborone.and then choose one of Botswana's AMAZING Safaris such as Horseback Riding and or Walking Safaris! (Choices see link below)

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