Capetown Weather

Capetown Weather

Weather here is ideal for holidays!The Southeaster known as the "Cape Doctor" makes sure of that! Why are we so fascinated by the it?

Have you ever wondered why it seems to pop its way into most conversations? It has such a major impact on our lives that it’s no wonder we are so fascinated by it. It affects our mood, our activities and even our holidays… To help you with the Weather we have a great 7 day weather forecast for Capetown,South Africa. It’s a full weather report for Cape Town, updated daily. Below you will find a few pointers about Cape Town weather conditions and how to understand them a bit better

                    Capetown Weather

The weather in Cape Town can be categorized into seasons Cape Town summers bring hot weather and can be quite windy, and winters are usually cold and wet. In Cape Town the summer months are November – March with December and January being the hottest. Winter months are from June – August. For average Cape Town temperatures and rainfall click below In Cape Town you can determine your bearings quite easily by using the mountain to work out your North, South, East and West directions. Knowing your bearings will help you to better understand the Cape Town

weather conditions. A general rule is that the North-West wind brings the cold fronts and rain. The South-Easterly wind will keep the rain away and will usually mean that the weather in Cape Town is clearing. When in doubt, have a look at the Cape Town weather report on Uncover the Cape. Overall, the weather is categorized as a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Summer months are the most popular months for holidays and travelers, but don’t be put off by the winter. Cape Town winters have some beautiful warm days. It may not be great beach weather but you can see all the sights and attractions without the summer crowds. You may also benefit from winter discounts.

In general Cape Town weather allows you to makethe most of all the activities on offer. When going to the beach or on a hike, be sure to have a look at our 7 day Cape Town weather forecast to plan your day out. Cape Town weather can get a bit cold and windy but never  let the Cape Town weather get you down. Have a look through our activity guide for great indoor activities when the weather is not the best. More later! Check weather links below:

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