Bwabwata National Park

                           Bwabwata National Park in Namibia

The National Park is located in the northeastern section of Namibia. This park is a combination of lands that were once part of the Mahango Game Park and the Caprivi Game Park. It supports both human and wildlife populations and is known as "a people's park" for this reason.This park is ideal for safaris, as it is unfenced, which provides the park with a steady stream of wildlife throughout the year.

You will watch such creatures as hippos, crocodiles and the last wild dogs living in Namibia today. In addition, wild birds are plentiful as are elephants, lions, leopards and buffalo. The best viewing areas for all the above animals are the riverbank areas. Other animals in the park include the lyre antelope, blue wildebeest, horses,sable antelopes and more. Even though you can spot game at any moment during the year, October is the prime time for watching the game at watering holes, as it is at the end of the yearly dry spell, so all the animals are in search of water during this month. The rainy season is from November to March. Guided safaris are available or you can drive yourself through the parks various routes.

                          Bwabwata National Park

Nature Conservation a Priority in the Park

The National Park considers nature conservation a priority. This park is even an important location with the KaZa TFCA or the Kavango-Zambezi Tansfrontier Conservation Area. KaZa TFCA is an agreement between Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana and Angola for the purpose of overseeing a trans-boundary conservation effort. Vegetation in the Park Savannah covers the majority of the park.

However, deciduous trees grow in the heart of the park and include such species as the Bush Willow, Rhode Maltese teak, and Sandseringe just to mention a few species. You will be able to enjoy Baphia massaiensis and twinleaf coffee plants growing inside the bush area of the National Park. Baobab trees are growing in the area. These trees have a long life and are a remarkable sight for sure, as they are large enough that when hollowed out are useful for various purposes including grain storage. Accommodations Nambwa Lis the only lodge available inside the Bwabwata National Park. This lodge is located on the Kwando River's banks and is part of the Mashi Conservancy. Nambwa also is a wildlife sanctuary that is home to about 330 species of birds and 35 species of game.

The tent suites are luxurious and are up in the treetops! This establishment also offers all-inclusive deals, which include accommodations, ll meals, all beverages, all activities, road transfers, parking fees and laundry. Rates are $195 USD for kids under 12 up to $390 USD fully inclusive.

For further information, call 264(0)61 400510. Plan a trip to this unique park today to discover all the wonders it has to offer you. Namibia and Bwabwata National Park are both worthy of a visit.

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