Budget Car Hire South Africa

                                                Budget Car Hire South Africa

Let me say Southern Africa which includes Botswana, Namibia,South Africa,Lesotho, Mozambique,Malawi, Zimbabwe,Swaziland and Zambia! Here I am giving you some local and international companies that offer modern safe reliable vehicles! Asco A Car Hire company,4x4 and Camping Specialists

                      Budget Car Rental South Africa

They cater to German and Netherlands speakers!

Vermietung von 4x4 mietwagen und Camping Ausrustrung Wij Zijn Gespecialiseerd in het verhuren van auto's 4x4 wagens en kampeer wagens (Click Link Below) Budget Car Hire. Their Southern African fleet is made up of over 8 500 cars, offering economy, luxury and speciality vehicles, all with an average age of 6 to 9 months.(Click Link Below)

Thrifty is another excellent and reliable company and ,provide all you need to know from them by clicking on to the Thrifty (Click Link Below)

Okavango Car Hire is another company with 4 x 4's Camping equipment and more! (Click Link Below)  One other company to consider is

Avis Car Hire Very safe modern, reliable vehicles. A large selection to choose from (Click Link Below) My advice if you are going to be hiring for your visit it is best to do it in advance especially during school holidays and other recognized National holidays when demand exceeds supply! So you see you have a good selection of reliable companies to choose your vehicle and if camping your equipment. All with convenient pick up and drop off locations! Please always contact me with your questions on my "Contact Us" form.

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Car Hire Budget Car Hire Southern Africa

Car Hire Budget Car Hire Southern Africa

Car Hire Budget Car Hire Southern Africa

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