Botswana Weather

                                      Botswana Weather.

What I am doing here is to give you as complete an overview of the different areas so it will be easy for you to quickly ge the weather information you will need to plan your holiday! I am doing this by providing the best researched links you will find any where. You will find many outstanding Wikipedia links with their amazing attention to detail!

                                      Botswana Weather

Botswana has what I believe to be the most ideal weather in Southern Africa, so perfect for enjoying that planned safari. Warm to hot at times that make that holiday so much more fun, having your body saying "YES" this is what I came for! Only one thing to make sure you have is a warm piece of clothing as some nights can be a little cool and all you have to do is wait for the morning sun to warm your bones!!!

Botswana is largely desert or semi-desert with very low rainfall. When rain comes be prepared with your cameras as "Thunderstorms" can make interesting photography during the "Rainy Season" November to March! The average amount of sunshine daily is between seven and ten hours, even during the "Rainy Season"! Nowhere in Africa will you find "Safari Lovers" coming back time and again because of the amazing weather here in Botswana and to see the abundance of Wildlife. Fauna and Flora!

The "Animals" Elephants,Lion,Giraffe and more are just waiting to say "Hi" (from a distance of course)!!! To find out more just send me your questions and comments to "Contact Us" Thank you. In meantime see Videos and links below! Any questions or comments please contact me at "Contact Us"

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