Botswana Travel Guide


Botswana Travel Guide

The Best of Botswana

Botswana is a Southern African republic landlocked between Zimbabwe and Namibia. Though the republic isn’t tiny, it has a tiny population with less than 2-million people calling it home. It was once among the poorest places in the world, but that was before the discovery of diamonds brought more wealth to the region. Today, many Batswana live comfortable middle-class lives, and it has become a popular tourist area with a lot of fun attractions.

The Okavango Delta

This natural habitat for the animals and birds of Botswana is located in the northern end of the republic and is home to lions, leopards, hyena and many other exotic animals. If you visit the town of Maun, you can take a helicopter tour over the Delta to explore its beauty from up high. Ground tours are also available, so get ready to hear the daily life of the animals and spot the birds in the trees. This is a remote wildlife area, so you will feel far removed from the big cities.

                          Botswana Travel Guide

Chobe National Park

This is one of the most popular destinations in Southern Africa, and it’s known for the many large elephants that call the park home. The easiest way to visit the park is through a nearby town, Kasane. From there, you will have easy access to the Chobe Riverfront area which is home to the largest population of elephants and other natural wildlife.

If you want to go deeper into the park and feel more remote, visit the Savuti region from Maun or Kasane. This is a beautiful area rich with wildlife and a key destination for visitors interested in safari explorations.

Visit the Nature Reserves

You will find several great natural reserves in Botswana, including the Mokolodi Nature Reserve and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. These are non-profit organizations that take pride in preserving animals natural to the region while raising funds for animals in need of special care or projects. When you visit these reserves, you can see South African safari animals in a tamer environment while supporting organizations interested in helping those animals.

Many of the animals encountered at the Mokolodi Nature Reserve are trained to interact with visitors in a more civilized, safer manner. You will encounter trained elephants among many other animals, so it’s a different perspective than looking for animals in the wild while on safari.

Where to Go in Maun

Maun is one of the main destinations in Botswana and gives you access to the Okavango Delta. You may also want to visit the Motsana center for its authentic restaurants and great shopping opportunities. You will find many tour companies offering helicopter and ground safari tours departing from Maun.

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