Botswana News

Botswana News

For some, an African Safari is the stuff that dreams are made of. To be up close and see the flora and fauna of this amazing land is truly the experience of a lifetime and nowhere can you more fully experience all the things that make Africa so alluring than Botswana. It is a land of vivid contrasts, but is host to some of the most beautiful reserves in Africa where visitors can experience the beauty of this wilderness first hand. One of the main safari destinations is the Okavango Delta, where the wide, grass covered floodplains are home to an amazingly vast array of different animals.

This magical oasis in the middle of a desert is a spectacular sight no matter what time of year you visit and offers some of the best safaris that Africa has to offer. During the dry months, the Okavanga Delta attracts animals by the millions resulting in one of the greatest wildlife movement in the world.

Since safaris in this area are in high demand, the price can be substantially higher during the peak season (July through October), but the price is justified by the quality of this adventure. Most safaris are very exclusive and the standard of quality is exceptional. The key to having an experience that will become a treasured memory is to choose the right type of safari for your interests and personal preferences. That, however, should be easy to accomplish since there are such a wide variety of different safari types and destinations to choose from.

                                     Botswana News

Safaris range from single day excursions to prolonged trips lasting a week or more and the mode of transportation that you can choose from is almost as widely varied as the lengths. Walking safaris allow you to experience the primal beauty of Botswana in a way unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Imagine being ferried across the floodplains in a traditional dugout canoe while the fragrance of waterlilies hangs in the air while you take in the breathtaking  concentration of wildlife. You might get to spend some time with the San people or Bushmen, learning about their culture and customs or witness a heart stopping confrontation between a big cat and its prey.

At the end of the day you can return to your luxury, private tent camp and reflect on the adventures of your day before retiring to begin a new adventure with the dawn.  This type of safari is not for everyone and there are certainly other options available, from fly in safaris to those on horseback, but for an up close and personal look at your surroundings, nothing comes close to experiencing Botswana on a walking safari.

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