Botswana Lodges

Botswana Lodges

Botswana is one of the most fascinating places you can visit in Africa.

This is a country that has worked hard to gain their independence in 1966 and to continue to build and strengthen their country since that time. It will be here you can see the Chobe and Okavango Delta rivers and experience the main animals that people seek out on an African safari.

This includes buffalo, elephants, leopards, lions and even a rhinoceros.  While visiting this beautiful part of the world, you need to make sure you stay in one of the local lodges. These lodges are known for providing a comfortable and relaxing place to stay and in some cases you can even find that they will offer meals to their patrons.

Among the top listed lodges in the area, the following is a look at some of the top rated locations in the area. Just make sure you book your trip early enough as during peak season, the lodges will fill quickly.

  • Cresta Lodge
  • Sanctuary Chobe Lodge
  • Chobe Game Lodge
  • Deception Valley Lodge
  • Shakawe Lodge

                                Botswana Lodges

While exploring the options available to you, it can be a good idea to map out a plan for your time in Africa and find a centralized lodge for the best results. If you are going to be seeing the elephants in one section of Africa and enjoying the natural beauty in a single place, then you may want to pinpoint a lodge there.

However, if you plan on traveling through large sections of Botswana, having a central location between each of your destinations can help to reduce the amount of time you are running around and can simplify your vacation so that you can enjoy it. Some lodges will offer package deals that also give you a chance to see some of the attractions in the area.

When you book through a touring agency, you may be able to find tours, hunting safaris and other experiences that can give you a unique experience, without having to individually book each step of your trip. In cases where you aren’t sure of the best attractions to visit and hit, this can be an effective solution. Just remember, you aren’t going to see all of Botswana in a single week.

This beautiful country will have plenty to experience and you’ll discover something new with each visit. If this is your first trip, take the time to find the perfect lodge from the options that are available. That way, you can focus more on the surrounding beauty while having a comfortable place to dream at night.

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