Botswana Information

Botswana Information

EVENTS 2017/18

  The 2017/17 Botswana Kalahari Challenge beckons. THREE day stage race- get your entry in early to ensure you secure a place in this prestigious event!‎ If you are a cyclist living anywhere in Gaborone Botswana we would love you ...

The Botswana Kalahari Challenge 2017/18 is next up - for more details click here

                      Botswana Information

My job is to help each and everyone of you to be able visualize your "Dream Holiday / Safari Ride an Elephant be taken back in time! Getting amazing photos and have the BEST possible memories to live with for ever! Botswana has been called the "Jewel" of Africa and it really is all you have to do is allocated enough time to soak it in 3/4 days minimum 7 days or more ideal!

There is need for international marketing efforts in tourism derived from the shared natural resources such as game reserves in the Zambezi-Okavango river basin encompassing Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Other shared tourism resources include the Mapungubwe, rock formations above granite shield, located in the south-eastern Botswana shared with South Africa and Zimbabwe.

             Botswana Information

Life's like this. River view from your chalet at Chobe Savanna
Adventure More than 3-quarters of Botswana is Kalahari Desert, so the huge emerald waterworld full of African animals known as the Okavango Delta, is a wonderful surprise.
Almost every safari experience you have ever dreamed about can come true in Botswana. You can fly, drive, walk with Bushmen, glide past Hippos in a dug-out canoe, horse ride or wade through the delta on the back of an Elephant. You can even swim in it (if you dare!). Privacy and wilderness are synonymous with a Botswana safari as most lodges only accommodate 8 to 20 guests. If you choose your camp carefully, you may see very few other tourists and plenty of game. Arriving by light aircraft at your lodge adds to the exclusivity and excitement of your Botswana's safari.

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                         Welcome to Abu Camp – The Original Elephant Experience

Abu Elephant Camp. Botswana | The Abu herd offers an incomparable opportunity to intimately engage and physically interact with elephants through varied activities. Shortly after arriving at camp, guests will be personally introduced to the herd, with the activities that follow over the remainder of the stay offering an all-encompassing and satisfying experience in the world of the elephant.

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