Botswana Fly-In Safaris

Botswana Fly-In Safaris

Chobe National Park is a treat in store where you will see an abundance of Elephant. Kalahari Elephant are the largest in Africa and it is estimanted there are over 120.000 of them in Chobe Accommodation is "Top Class" most of the "Safaris Lodges "front on to the Chobe river! The Kalahari Lions are known to be able to bring down the occasional elephant! Most Lions ignore them!

Fly-In adds to added excitement and enjoyment ONLY this type of Safari can offer you! Getting to REMOTE camps and being in the heart of it all! Botswana Fly-In Safaris Getting To Botswana - Botswana Tourism Organization Sir Seretse Khama International Airport is located 15 km north of Gaborone. It is the main international airport of the capital city of Botswana. It handles regional and international traffic. Most major international airlines from Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia fly to Johannesburg, South Africa, where connecting flights can be booked to Sir Seretse Khama International Airport in Gaborone, or to Maun, Francistown or Kasane. Botswana Fly-In Safaris

               Botswana Fly-in Safaris

Following in the Footsteps of the Famous  Chobe Game Lodge in Botswana is a favored get-right-away-from-it-all for the rich and famous. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton re-married there. So, more recently, did Des and Noelle Bolton… and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands has been known to wander in for afternoon tea. Financier Anton Rupert, the Ackermans, Maureen Reagan, Richard Chamberlain and Sol and Dol all declare this remote area where the boundaries of Zambia, Zimbabwe,

SWA’s Caprivi and Bostwana meet – a magical zone. Indefatigable as ever on your behalf, Jani flew to this untamed last resort. FRIDAY 10, 5.30: A straggle of nosferatu the undead assemble in the dismal-before-dawn departure room of the airport.

The Chobe flood plain spreads out like a giant nursery tablecloth,  patterned with hundreds of toy elephants. The plane kangaroos onto Kasane’s gravel airstrip, narrowly avoiding collision with a tractor. Jill Haniger, the ever cheerful lady of the lodge, welcomes us warmly.

The passport control office is a battered tin trunk where Botswana officials stands, rubber stamp at the ready. A Louis Vuitton bag rests in the trunk. Chobe is the millionaire’s malarial area. We wait for the Mosi-Aou-Tunya, the barge that is to carry us to the lodge. The EPG are starting to turn pink – the first stages of foil-roasted As we chug down the river, Jill tells me about the R and F who have also been

foil-roasted. Richard Chamberlain was an absolute pleasure; Ruth Khama, wife of the late Sir Seretse – well, the people adore her around these parts; Anton Rupert… and of course all the honeymooners.Why do they come to Chobe? Perhaps it’s the spectacular scenery, the whispered dawns, the stain-glass sunset the shooting stars that will make all your dreams come true

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