Botswana Diamonds

                              The Beauty and Ethical Appeal of  Botswana Diamonds 

In the mid-1980s, Botswana became one of the world’s most prominent diamond producers. Some of the highest yielding mines in the world are located in this country and the quality of the diamonds itself is spectacular. Today, ethical diamond mining does take place in Botswana.

In addition, diamonds are extracted in the most environment-friendly way (naturally, this depends on the mine and the ethics of the company operating the extraction process). This is one of the main reasons why diamond mining contributed to more than 30 percent of the country’s GDP in 2013 and why so many international companies relocate their activities to this Southern African Country.

Many of the mining activities involve a joint venture between a multinational company and the government. Approximately 50 percent of the income remains in the country and is invested in governmental activities to improve infrastructure, healthcare and education. The decision has quickly transformed Botswana from one of the poorest countries in Africa to a rapidly-developing nation.

                             Botswana Diamonds

Generally-speaking, gems mined in Africa have a bad reputation. Many people believe that these are blood diamonds that haven’t been produced in a conflict-free way. Botswana, however, is one of the first countries to start changing this negative reputation. The vast majority of Botswana diamond production is reported as clean. No human rights abuses have taken place, especially when multi-national companies have introduced adherence to strict standards in terms of mining practices, labor payments and worker treatment.

Today, Botswana has a high GDP in comparison to other African countries. Its 16,000 dollars GDP per capita is comparable to the figures for larger countries like Turkey and Russia. The quality of diamonds is unparalleled. Some of the world’s largest and most expensive pieces have been mined there. One of the recent discoveries was a 141-carat stone, the Wall Street Journal reported. Though too big for jewelry making, such a diamond is an ideal option for a serious investor. A few days later, this particular stone sold for the impressive 1.6 million dollars. Beautiful, ethical and high quality, diamonds from Botswana have long been a popular pick among fine jewelry makers. Anyone  interested in ethical diamond production should look into the opportunity. Purchasing such jewelry is the conscious thing to do. Though the country still has a long way to go, the Botswana government has made it possible for jewelry lovers worldwide to enjoy beautiful and clean piecesthat have been extracted in the most environment-friendly way possible.

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