Botswana Bushman

                                     Botswana Bushman

Some preferred to be called San people.

These people were traditionally know as hunter-gathers. In 1950 Government stepped in and made them switch to a farming way of living because of modern advances and the risk of the hunter-gathering way of life! There is a significant language difference between the northern Okavang Bushman (Botswana) and the Etosha (Namibia. The San people have provided a wealth of information for anthropology and genetics even with their lifestyle changes One study was completed in 1990. See Wikipedia Link Below

                           Botswana Bushman


It's a very important part of Bushmen's lives! They as part of their Culture learn healing and trance-induceing dances that reportedly enable them to heal others. The Bushman have been seen healing a woman of stomach Cancer. Children with chest pains going away! Their system hasevolved over thousands of years They heal by using trance. It is very interesting because as the dance intensifies nthe Energy is activated in the healers most of which are "Dancing Men"! It is a transformation the healer goes through to connect them to their healing powers. A very unique experience for the healer! Click Wikipedia Link for a full explanation including "How to become a Healer". Plus references You will be amazed how they perform this healing! It is very difficult to believe unless you actually see and experience it!

The San are considered to be the oldest culture in the world dating back over a hundred thousand years. Beautiful San rock art can be seen throughout Southern Africa where the San lived as hunter-gatherers. In the past 2000 years the San were slowly pushed to live in the arid sands of the Kalahari Desert by Bantu tribes and white farmers who took the more fertile land for their crops and livestock.

The San of the Kalahari

The Bushmen or San People of the Kalahari

They are more commonly known as the Bushmen The Kalahari is a vast desert that stretches over South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Living in one of the most inhospitable terrains in the world, the San survived by hunting wild game and gathering roots Many people outside of Southern Africa were introduced to the San culture and their "click " language through the South African made movie "The Gods Must be Crazy".

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