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If you are a lover of luxury train journeys then you are in for a treat for this special service the Blue Train offers you. The food is all prepared on board by Executive Chefs. The large windows give you a wonderful picture of the landscape as you relax and let the "World" go by! A great way to enjoy the amazing South African countryside! You may want to begin your vacation in Capetown spend time enjoying the Western Cape see an Opera a Shakespearean play visit the World

Famous Wine Estates Play Golf then When all that's accomplished Step on Board "The Blue Train" and see the beautifully Countryside on your way to Pretoria! Click link for Capetown to Pretoria (both Ways) Tines STOP Overs and more

Pretoria • Cape Town • Pretoria | The Blue Train

                     Blue Train South Africa

You can now combine your luxury train journey with a special safari journey to Thorneybush private Game Reserve with a new service the Blue Train introduced in 2009. You will be looked after even before you step on to the train in the welcome lounge by the Blue Train hosts!

You will see that the Blue Train service has a selection of rail journeys in addition to the Capetown to Pretoria ones. Garden Route three times a year and the Thorneybush experience! You can thoroughly research all the Blue Train Luxury Service has to offer by clicking on to the videos and additional links below them! Give yourselves an hour or two to watch, make notes and digest all that is there.

The Blue Train Wikipedia link give yourselves another hour as it contains mostinteresting information to good to just skip over!

I have also included a link to the Thorneybush Game Reserve adjoining the northern part of the Kruger Park! This is a private Game Reserve teaming with game of all descriptions to delight the eye! It caters for children and offers them what interests them, taking into account their attention spans. Park rangers are trained and enjoy inter acting with the children! So you see it can really be a family safari holiday if you have kids. One they will remember for the rest of their lives!

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Pretoria • Cape Town • Pretoria | The Blue Train Details

Thorneybush Game Reserve

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