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Useful Tips for Backpackers Durban: What to See and Where to Stay?

Durban is the biggest city of Kwazulu Natal Province in South Africa. The city is known for its coastal line and great climate all year round. Needless to say, it attracts tourists from all over the world. Durban is also a top surf location in South Africa.

If you are a surf lover and a backpacker, Durban is the perfect spot for water training. Due to the subtropical climate bringing a surf wetsuits is unnecessary – you’ll enjoy warm water without specialized equipment. Since you’ll be free to leave some of the equipment behind, your backpack will be quite light!

Where to Stay?
Hostel and B&B accommodation at affordable prices is available throughout Durban. Depending on your trip plan and budget, you can choose a hostel on the beach or in the city center. Most of the hostels offer accommodation in wooden cabin rooms or standard rooms with double bunk beds or single beds. Showers, toilets and kitchens are shared by all people in the hostel.

                Backpackers Durban

Backpacking in Durban: Top Three Places to Visit
Backpackers love Durban and Kwazulu Natal because of the excellent hiking conditions. Mild weather, numerous beaches and a myriad sport and leisure activities turn the city a heaven for backpackers from all parts of the globe. If you’re planning a trip to Durban, make sure to visit the following tourist hotspots:

  • Golden Mile Beach: the six-kilometer long beach will impress you right from your first days in Durban. If you’re a swimmer, sun-tanning fan or a beach running enthusiast, Golden Mile will certainly meet your expectations. The staff in your hostel will probably warn you that the area is known for sharks but the beaches are constantly monitored and protected with shark nets. Due to the powerful waves, Durban’s Golden Mile hosts numerous international surfing competitions.
  • Moses Mabhiba Stadium: go to the top of the stadium’s arch and enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean and the city of Durban. If you love adrenaline experiences try Big Rush Big Swing – a structure that has officially been named the world’s tallest swing and it’s also been included in the Guinness Book of Records.
  • Durban North Japanese Gardens: the Japanese gardens are a perfect place for picnics or leisurely activities. They’re created in a traditional Japanese style that features bridges and arches. The gardens are open for visits every day and you can enjoy the greenery free of charge.

Nightlife in Durban
Durban is a city characterized by musical and cultural diversity – traditional and modern African music, Indian, and western pop music can be heard during the night at each of the entertainment venues. Most of the hot nightlife spots of Durban are located on the Golden Mile. If your hostel is in the suburbs of Westville and Morningside you’re a lucky – the two neighborhoods have some great bars and clubs. Just go out, check the ambiance and choose the one that you like the most.

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