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Traveling to Arniston Western Cape: Everything that You Need to Know

The small seaside settlement of Arniston is one of South Africa’s beautiful gems that travelers should certainly give a chance to. Previously known as a peaceful fishing community, Arniston is now recognized as an exciting travel destination and a place that has well-established grape growing and wine production traditions.

Arniston: An Overview
This picturesque Western Cape town impresses with its pristine white beaches, archaeological sites and birdwatching opportunities.

Though a popular travel destination, Arniston is known for some of its isolated and peaceful beaches. If you’re looking for serenity and a chance to relax away from the noisy crowds, you will discover the perfect vacation conditions in the little town.

The history of the settlement dates back at least 2,000 years. Ever since, fishermen have been making use of the convenient location and the generosity of the sea. Today, Arniston’s charming seafood restaurants serve some of the freshest ingredients and most delicious marine dishes in the area.

                            Arniston Western Cape

Getting to Arniston
Arniston is located approximately 208 kilometers (130 miles) away from Cape Town. The easiest way to reach the city is by car. From Cape Town, you’ll need to take the road to Caledon, Bredasdorp and Arniston.

The trip will continue approximately two and a half hours. You should consider renting a car from Cape Town. This way, you’ll find it relatively easy to explore some of the interesting landmarks located in the vicinities of Arniston.

Things to do
Looking for things to do in the town? The Arniston Beach is one of the most exciting places in the area. If you get to the beach really early in the morning, you’ll see the fishermen getting their boats out and preparing for the day. The serenity of the beach and the softness of its white sand are contrasted by the rugged appearance of the rocky coastline.

If you prefer more dynamic activities, you may want to explore one of the region’s hiking trails. The Rasperpunt hiking trail starts from Agulhas Lighthouse and will acquaint you with the beauty of Agulhas National Park. Spookdraai hiking trail is a two-hour, thematic trail. Numerous shipwrecks took place in this region, which is why you may want to get ready for “encounters” with ghosts. The trail will also give you a wonderful opportunity to explore the beautiful birds of the region.

Finally, Arniston is the perfect place for whale watching. The best time for this activity is from April to January. The peak season starts in September and continues for two months. The whales come to this region for their mating ritual and they spend up to four months close to the Arniston coast.

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