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In Southern Africa, there are some incredible walking safari’s that will leave you breathless. These areas showcase the mountain scenery, majestic waterfalls and even the coastal area that leaves visitors feeling enchanted. African Walking One of the first walking safari’s you will want to experience is located in the Drakensberg Mountains.

Here, you will experience lush amounts of greenery among the mountains and large waterfalls and streams. Depending on your level of fitness, you can choose to walk riverside at a casual pace, or climb among the mountain peaks.This safari will give you a chance to see the KwaZulu Natal historical sites, while also being able to experience the unique culture and wildlife of the area.

                           African Walking Safaris

For those who prefer an alternative approach to the traditional safaris, a lodge walking safari might be a smart choice. Rhino Post Plains Camp allows you to experience the Kruger National Park. These trips tend to last a few days. Most trips take place two or three days with walking during the night and then enjoy the comfort of sleeping out in one of the many elevated tree houses in the area.

Here you will experience wildlife that includes lions, elephants, antelope, water buffalo and more African Walking Safaris Those in the mood for something a little more colorful can head two hours past Cape Town to experience the Cedarberg Wilderness. Known for its scenic views like the Wolfberg Arch, Maltese Cross and Bushmen art, this is a location you can get lost in.

With both private tours and the ability to head out on your own, there will be plenty of options out there for anyone looking to explore the beauty of the area by foot. While you are here, you may witness local wildlife such as the Cape Eagle-Owls, antelope, rock jumpers, the puff adder and more. Garden Route that travels the South Eastern Coast of the Cape, Tsitsikamma National Park a "MUST" it's 5 Day "Otter Trail" Great accommodation! Hermanus found along the South East Coast and known for water trails that let you experience whales, and Cape Peninsula with its rocky peninsula are all very good options while you are in Cape Town. With the Mediterranean climate and the local plants green and full of life, this will be a magnificent visually stunning experience. As you walk through the vegetation of Africa, you will encounter the local wildlife and see creatures you won’t find anywhere else. As long as you are physically fit and ready for an adventure, the walking safaris in South Africa will be the best choices you have.

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