African Horseback Safaris Namibia

African Horseback Safaris Namibia

For a breathtaking horseback safari, those on holiday need to look no further than Namibia in Africa. Riding through the terrain on a horse, visitors will have a chance to experience breathtaking views, while riding through some prehistoric desert terrain. If you want lush land full of animals, other areas would be better. This area is very dry and does contain some wildlife, but the experience is why many people choose to come this way. Adventures here are long distance and require the right breed of horse to make it through the hot desert sun.

Many of the professional safari companies will give you a chance to ride breeds like Nooidgedacht, Trakehners and the South African Basuto. These are strong, calm breeds that can handle the Namibia terrain with ease. Keep in mind that different horseback safari providers will have their own unique breeds of horses. If you are interested in a particular animal, it is a good idea to check around and determine which company will be able to accommodate your needs. African Horseback Safaris Namibia

               African Horseback Safaris Namibia

Those choosing to visit the area need to plan their vacation wisely. June through August are the winter months and while significantly cooler, will see temperatures hit below freezing at night. Fortunately, the days are warmer and it can be a comfortable time to trek across the terrain. However, April, May, September and October see some of the hotter temperatures of the year. It will be important to see the temperature trends of an area before heading out and determine if you can comfortably handle them in advance. As part of the Namibia horseback safari, there will be some areas that will prove to be more exciting than others to visit. Some of the best destinations include the Skeleton Coast, Wild Horses that are located in Aus, Etosha National Park and some of the other surrounding destinations.

These will give you a chance to see some of the best that Namibia has to offer and can prove to make your horseback safari one that you will cherish for a lifetime. Remember, Africa is a place that is full of wonder and excitement. Take the time to explore each of the incredible safaris available by horseback. This will give you a chance to truly experience the natural wonder of an area as you go in areas that motor vehicles will find it impossible to reach.

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