African Horseback Safaris Botswana

African Horseback Safaris Botswana

An African horseback safari in Botswana will be an experience that will be unlike any other. Those looking for a unique safari adventure will find that this not only allows them to experience the natural wildlife of Africa in a more intimate manner, but it also allows them to better connect with the local scenery in the area. Depending on the safari you select, you can anticipate spending between 4 and 6 hours on the back of a horse.

The benefit of horseback safaris in Botswana is that you will have a chance to enter areas that vehicles couldn’t pass through It also allows you to get closer to wildlife like zebras and giraffes in the area. While some companies will put restrictions on the journeys you can take, each will still leave you breathless.

The most commonly used trails and destinations for these adventures include the Tuli Trail, Motswiri Camp, Makgadikgadi Pans and Macatoo.

                      African Horseback Safaris Botswana

With most of the Botswana safari’s focusing on the Okavango delta, it is a good idea to understand the area. The area is one of the seven natural wonders of Africa and 11 cubic kilometers of water flows across a 6,000 – 15,000 kilometer area with flood waters spilling into the local Lake Ngami. This is an area that is known for being full of life and natural beauty. While enjoying the horseback safaris in Botswana, you need to keep in mind that weather and time of the year will impact your experience. These factors will impact the types of wildlife that will be viewable in the area, while the abundant number of animals will depend on the season. Fortunately, most of the companies that provide Botswana safari’s will have first-hand knowledge and experience in the area that will give them the ability to guide you through the area in an effort to help ensure that you are experiencing the most fascinating landscapes and encountering the greatest number of animals possible.

Although, it is impossible to guarantee what a person will see when traveling through the area. Africa is a vast area that is full of incredible amounts of scenery that you will want to experience in person. While you can certainly take guided tours in the back of a jeep, the best way for you to truly appreciate all the natural beauty and wonder of the area will be to do on a horseback ride through Botswana.

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