Accommodation Kruger National Park

Accommodation Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is a favorite vacation spot in South Africa having almost 20,000 square kilometres. The protected park is home to 517 species of birds, and these wonderful mammals: African buffalo, black rhinoceros, Burchell's zebra, cheetah, giraffe, hippopotamus, leopards, elephants, blue wildebeest, African wild dogs, white rhinoceros, bushbuck, ncommon eland, greater kudu, lions, spotted hyenas, water bucks, and impalas.

There are 114 species of reptile and 50 fish with 33 species of amphibians. This makes it a safari lover's dream vacation. The park, though full of plenty of wild life, has great accommodations to fit with whatever needs you may have. If you enjoy camping, the park has 26 different camps with each camp offering a unique experience depending on what you are after and what you like. Each camp offers these types of accommodations tents or caravans, huts, safari tents, bungalows, cottages, family cottages, guest cottages, guest houses, and luxury lodges.

The caravans and tents come with power except for a very few including water taps. The huts are single rooms that have communal kitchens and facilities.The safari tents are permanent canvas tents that feature bedrooms. There are communal kitchens and facilities available. Some safari tents are luxurious and others are basic. The bungalows are simply bedroom units with a private bath. A few are available with a kitchenette and others have access to a communal kitchen. Many have lovely river views. Several are considered luxurious.

The basic cottage comes with a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and a private bath. The family cottages comes with the same layout, but with added bedrooms.The guest cottages come with several bedrooms, at least 2 private baths, and fully equipped kitchens.

                   Accommodation Kruger National Park

The guest house comes with multiple bedrooms, private baths, and lounge areas including a bar.

The views from here are spectacular. Lastly, the luxury lodges are the top of the line in luxury which offers privacy You just need to determine what type of vacation you want to have when you come to Kruger National Park. If you want to rough it wild style you may opt for tents. Depending on how many are in your traveling party, you can opt for the larger cottages and guest houses if you have a large family or group.Even honeymooners can enjoy ample privacy with one of the options with a private kitchen and bath.

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