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A Unique Elephant Back Safari  Deep within the Okavango Delta of Botswana, is Abu Camp, a thrilling elephant back experience that makes for one of the most authentic Safaris in southern Africa. With 400,000 acres of pristine nature, guided tours at Abu Camp blend luxury with nature and exploration, for one of the best wildlife encounters available anywhere in the world.

What’s Available at Abu Camp? Authentic is one word that can be used to effortlessly describe the tours available in the Abu Concession. You won’t find your typical tourist trap, but instead, an intimate experience that is limited to just six luxurious tents within the Abu Camp.

You will sleep in gorgeous accommodation facilities that combine the styling of the colonial days, mixed with inspired decorations that will make you feel like a true explorer. Of course, modern luxuries are provided, including full electricity, luxurious bedding and furniture, and an on-site spa for pampering and relaxation.

At Abu Camp you receive service that stands up to any luxury resort, without compromising the immersion in your surroundings. All of the Abu tents are unique in their character and decorative layout. There are also star tents, allowing open air sleeping, overlooking the herd.

Another unique feature is the Star Cinema, a unique experience where you can view historical footage on a projected screen. Making new friends from the small camp group, trading stories, and roasting marshmallows under the stars will make for an experience that you won’t forget.

                        Abu Camp Botswana

Safari at Abu Camp

The Abu Herd will be a highlight of your stay, with matured elephants for guided riding,and calves that you can interact with in their natural environment.Interested environmentalists will appreciate the fact that some of the herd have come from rescue operations, and a large focus of the camp is on conservation and the protection of the indigenous species in the area. Elephants are rehabilitated at Abu and released back into the wild, and nine of these giant creatures have already passed through the rehabilitation program.

Game viewing occurs in daylight and at nighttime, with many visitors taking advantage of evening game drives to observe animals. Lions and leopards can be viewed from elephant back, as can the dazzling zebras, imposing buffalo, hyenas, giraffes, and antelope species like impalas and southern lechwe. also explore the area on a traditional mekoro canoe, or discover numerous walking tracks.

Abu Camp is an all-inclusive experience where the price of your ticket covers accommodation, along with safaris and meals. All that is required from you is your sense of adventure A Standout Safari Experience Abu Camp provides an intimate experience with some of nature’s most fascinating creatures.

The interactivity with the herd is something that few people ever get to experience, and the unique design of the camp will make you fall in love as soon as you arrive. Due to the size of the camp, tickets are limited in supply, but are offered during three seasons, covering ten months of the calendar year.

Plan your trip in advance and you’ll be set for a safari like no other, and you’ll take away memories that will last for a lifetime.

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