About Me

About Me

I am Adrian, Adie to my close friends and family.My full name is Adrian John Melville Richards Known as Richards and Melville-Richards.

My late wife Lolah loved to be known as Melville-Richards and I do too! At the moment I use Adrian Richards to keep life simply but do love the Melville-Richards handle! I am a Farmers Son who left Home at age Fifteen.

About Me

Did three years  as a Hotel Trainee Manager. with Trust Houses in Leicester England.  

Age 18 National Service with the Grenadier Guards.

With one overseas posting to Egypt.

This was prior to the "Suez" crisis when Colonel Nasser Nationalized the Suez Canal.

Next became Hotel Exchange Student for three years in Germany/France/Italy and Switzerland.

Short stay in England as a Hotel Night Manager

Then to South Africa where I met and married the woman of my dreams,

an amazingly talented educated and inspiring lady with never a dull moment!

We traveled Southern Africa on business together visiting so many interesting places many visitors would love to see!

Places like the Kruger Park,Umfolozi Game Reserve in Kwazulu,and many more.

We were able give my parents a 3500 mile trip of a lifetime tour of South Africa and Swaziland.

Then we moved from Johannesburg to live in Capetown where I sold life assurance.

After three years as an agent  joined a Bank Brokerage as a Broker.

After my wife's passing did a "Round The World Trip" that included

Mauritius/Australia/ New Zealand/Fiji/Hawaii and Canada including the "Rockies"!

Then staying on in Ontario,Canada! At that time sold Life Assurance for 4 years

Then started Sales Promotions in Canada for various newspapers.

In August 2017 I had an great  experience for my 80th birthday treat

given me by brother Gordon for 2 weeks to visit to England to see all my long lost relatives

Nieces Nephews & brother William AMAZING time!

with their course which is taught in Colleges and Universities.

I NOW have a travel website I started in 2011

1) www.exotic-southern-africa.com

A Travel Site about Southern Africa.

It is being built with my knowledge love and passion to help people

with their travel planning and being able to fulfill their "African Dreams"

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