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Hello and welcome to Exotic Southern Africa Tips Thank you for stopping by my site!My name is Adrian and I am excited to help you plan a memorable Safari Vacation you will  remember for your lifetime!

What comes to mind when you think of a vacation? If you think about long days following animals in their natural habitats, you are thinking of the most popular vacation activity in Southern Africa.

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While amazing safari experiences are one of the best reasons to visit South Africa there are many other reasons you should consider visiting, including the following:

  • Luxury Rail Safaris
  • Guided Walking Safaris
  • Horseback Riding Safaris 
  • 4 X 4 Safaris
  • Interesting views of unique cultures
  • Best of Namibia
  • Best of Botswana
  • Best of South Africa
  • Best of Zambia

You may surprised by some of the fun activities on that list? You are not alone Many people equate Africa vacations with hot days out on safari chasing wild animals, but the Southern countries of Africa have so much more to offer. For example, the Fish River Canyon Park features the second largest canyon in the world. It is second in size only to the Grand Canyon.

Is also littered with stunning wildlife preserves and national parks that allow you to relax in the natural world of a safari experience. If you like excitement and the idea of seeing exotic animals in their natural habitats gets you excited, then you may want to spend an entire vacation exploring Southern African safaris with professional guides.

There are many opportunities for visitors to get out in the bush and experience the wildlife up close and personal. If you want to maintain more distance while still enjoying the safari experience, those opportunities are available as well.

                     South African Vacation Tours

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Once you start planning a trip you will discover that there are far more interesting destination options than you may realize.  Here is just a short list containing some of the most commonly enjoyed destination points throughout the region

This list doesn’t even include the popular beaches and national parks thrilling visitors throughout the region.  You can you spend the day observing Lions in the bush, the evening enjoying a five-star meal, and the next morning shopping unique boutiques for one-of-a-kind gifts.

Your vacation may go from studying Botswana Bushman  to heart-racing adventures in a hot savanna to relaxing and working on your tan at a sandy beach. So much to do!

If you get overwhelmed trying to pick between these many destination points and coordinate your trip in a logical manner, you can book a South African tour.package There are many tours to choose from, depending on what you want to get out of your vacation. Select one filled with the most thrilling and adventurous destinations or go with one that offers more relaxation and less heart-pounding excitement. Or, simply select one that gives you a diverse understanding of what this region of the world has to offer.

                                              A Vacation for Everyone

The wide variety of destination options ensures that you can find activities that everyone you travel with will enjoy, but it also means that you can plan a vacation that fits your budget. If money is not obstacle, then you will have a blast exploring the best locations throughout the region from the finest restaurants to top-notch safari adventures. If you have limited funds, then you will find many opportunities to experience the unique terrain of South Africa without breaking your budget. There are affordable accommodations available, and you can always enjoy national parks and other outdoor adventures without shelling out big bucks. If you want the safari experience, there are budget-friendly tours and safari packages suitable for couples, singles and even families.

                                                   Choose Your Adventure

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If you are ready to get away from the grind of daily life and enjoy a new landscape, Southern Africa awaits you. Start here to choose your adventure and head out for the thrill of a lifetime:

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